Just like music, I have been working with horses ever since I was young. I remember how excited I was when I got to go to my first riding lesson ever. To this day I have a fondness for Zero's Sub's because I got that after my lesson and it brings me back to that SUPER EXCITED feeling every time. I started riding when I was 8 years old. I fell in love, completely in love with it. I couldn't wait until Tuesday because I knew it was my lesson day.


I soon moved barns and worked as a stable hand on my summer vacations and took lessons twice a week. Horses became my life. My brother hated it, my momma loved it. (MY BROTHER GOT ME BACK WITH BASEBALL.. JUST SAYING). When I was in 7th grade, my parents (God bless them) bought me a horse. An off the track racehorse. Granted he had come to the barn with ever intention of being a "lesson" horse, but still.


After a terrible fall off him, I had to learn how to over come the fear I had of him, horses, and the ground. That year I spend training him from the ground up (literally) and it became a mission of mine. 

Then I moved on. I was always riding and taking lessons but it wasn't until 18 that I went to work in the horse industry full-time. I started at a barn where I was working with over 420 horses. You heard right! FOUR HUNDRED and TWENTY! It was nuts, and it was hard for me to see a lot of horses out to pasture that needed some honest love and attention. No matter how hard I tried, management wouldn't listen. But it did get the attention of my next boss. I then transferred stables and was in charge of 200 horses, just to myself. It was so beautiful to be able to serve them, love them and take care of them. My job was working with a lot of the "problem" horses and retraining off the track thoroughbreds, helping them become comfortable with humans. It was such a rewarding, yet demanding job. I had to step away for a bit, but came right back and haven't left since. 

My goal now is to help horses love their human, and human love their horse. As simple as it sounds, the horse is a mirror for us. For our anxieties, our emotions, our hurts and our happiness. If we can learn how to work with them in a calm and protective way, the will be the most loving lessons for us and soon we will be partners. I am launching a program very soon that will will help bridge the gap between hearts and horses. 


So... who's the main man in my life? Well, technically I have three. Matt, Nash and.... KNUCKLES! Knuckles was a rescue that we just adopted. Why is he so important? 

Knuckles, poor guy, has had no proper training. Nothing to help him understand the basics, and he's pretty scared of life. He had been standing alone in a field for a while, and when we got him he was literally in so much mud it was almost to his knees. He had never spent any time in a stall and didn't have any manners. But now, he's thriving! Loving his grass, field mates, and his new family. Knuckles journey is like many others out there. And a lot of horses need the proper love (and "training") to really thrive and flourish. Through the KnuckleHead blog, I hope that you will find helpful tools to help you and your horse bond deeper. 

Our journey is just beginning and I am excited to share it with all of you. 


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