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I'm going to be honest here - I never in my life thought I would grow up and talk to dead people for a living... Not only am I Catholic with a profound faith in Jesus, I wanted to be a country singer and travel around the world. But God had another plan. I had been seeing Spirit ever since I was little ( I mean like 3 years old) but I never understood what was going on with me until years of trauma took over. As the trauma got worse, my experiences deepened. When I was 19 years old, everything clicked. I had been experiencing all sorts of things from seeing dead people on the side of the road, to horrific dreams of homicides. One night in a dream, my friend Charlie came to me and said he needed to say goodbye. I laughed in the dream and said "We're going to dinner next Tuesday!" He replied, "No, I need to say Goodbye." The next morning I woke up and wrote a song called 'Being an Angel' which to this day is still one of my favorite songs because 3 days after my dream, Charlie killed himself. I was consumed by guilt, shame, the feelings of I should have done something. But I didn't know my dreams meant anything at that time. So in my despair, I turned to Theresa. I watched her show relentlessly, still not wanting to own anything that was happening to me. Because... I didn't want to be a medium. But everything she did, I did. And I started to feel better. I had gotten tickets for my birthday to go see her, and the night before I we went, I had a vision that she would come up to me, read me, and read the person I was with. I chalked it up to " I am such a fan girl, there's no way that could happen.". SURE AS SH*T. Out of 4,000 people the next day, she walked right up to me and recited word for word the vision I had the night before. That my friends was the moment I knew I was meant to do this. I went to another medium who confirmed it, starting doing readings. 5 turned into 50, 50 into a 100 and now 8000 readings in, so many groups, and more, I am proud to say this gift is the best thing that has ever happened to me because I am able to help you. I LOVE what I do now.  

To this day, I wish I could tell you how I do what I do. But I have NO IDEA. I just do it. That probably doesn't help you understand, or my business for that matter, but I can tell you one thing. I will never lie to you. The truth is, I am not God, I have no idea how this works, but I know I can do it. The way that I work with Spirit is by asking them to provide SPECIFIC evidence (as in Names, Dates, Conditions of Passing, etc.) to establish the link of connection and prove to you (and to me) that I am talking to the right people. Once I know I am in the energy and connection of your loved ones in heaven, I simply let them take over. With Spirit we often talk to many, if not all of your loved ones that have transitioned. I also will be able to then look at life, love, guidance, health and whatever else needs to come through with them. But understand I can't control who, what or when spirit decides to show up. I am (for lack of a better term) their puppet and I trust them so deeply and so fully to deliver the messages you need to hear with the upmost integrity and healing purpose.  


I offer different types of readings. I am going to tell you that they are very emotional and you'll want to schedule a day and time that you can have some privacy before, during, and after the reading to process.  TO BOOK A GROUP READING, please scroll to the bottom of the page and submit a message to us. 



 Is an online reading the same as an in person reading? Is the connection just as strong? 

- YES! Actually, it's even stronger because I don't have to be in your physical presence and am not feeling your energy while I am channeling spirit. Read some testimonials, and I'm sure you'll feel comforted in that! 

Should I do a group reading or a private reading? I want to share this experience with my family and friends.

- This is up to you and depends what you are coming to do a reading for. If you are at a time in your life where you feel that you are needing some very personal guidance for yourself - then I would recommend a private. If you just want to hear from your loved one's in spirit and share that with your family, a group would be awesome.

How do you choose how much you charge for a reading?

- I am going to address this head on because money for me is very uncomfortable. Money is in fact a simple reflection of an equal energy exchange. If you invest in your reading you are more likely to be present, work with me & spirit, and get more out of it. On my end, I have to raise my energy levels so high to channel spirit my actual health is affected to do readings. It takes a lot out of me, and for that reason I can't and choose not to do to many readings. Your time & effort is important to me, and thats how I came up with the equal energy exchange. 

Have you ever had Spirit not show up in a reading?

- LOL. Never. The beautiful thing about Spirit is that no matter what you or someone you love needs to hear from a loved one that has transitioned. I have never, ever had a reading where no one came through. That being said, I can't control who or what Spirit comes through and I just let them do their thing. 

Will everyone be read in a group reading?

- This piggy backs of the last question, I physically can't control who or what comes through from Spirit. I just let them do what they need to do! So I can't physically guarantee that everyone will be read, but I can guarantee that I am going to try my hardest to!  

My loved one just died, is it to soon to get a reading? 

- Here's what I would say, feel into your heart. You are the only one that is going to know the answer to this question. I will tell you from Spirit, there is no time limit for them. They can come through the moment (and sometimes before) they pass. So it's really up to you, darling. Are you ready and emotionally able to handle hearing from them?

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